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The Streets of Morocco

As we sit on the rooftop of our hotel in Marrakesh we’re reflecting on the things we’ve seen over the last 21 days in this amazing country. We’ve visited a vast array of cities, towns and villages, we’ve stayed in luxury hotels and traditional riads, and we’ve eaten in top-class restaurants and road side food stalls. It’s been an awesome ride. We started as a group of 12 strangers and ended as friends we hope we’ll stay in touch with. We experienced the end of Ramadan in this devoutly Muslim country, but we’ve also seen the modern nation Morocco is becoming.

Would we recommend you come here, hell yes, but come with an open mind. Don’t expect it to always be easy, sometimes the simple things, like getting bottles water in your room or having a shower that drains just don’t happen. But, the people are amazing, the history is all enveloping and the sights and sounds will make your soul sing.

I’m not going to say much more at this point, our farewell will follow soon. I just want to leave you with the things we saw on the streets of Morocco and urge you to please consider.

One thought on “The Streets of Morocco

  1. Nat Scales

    Sounds like an amazing trip! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your holiday 🙂