The Epicurious Wanderers!

The Quiet Zone

Although the flight was good neither one of us slept well, a frequent problem when we fly. We’ve got a 20hr stopover in Doha before we fly on to Casablanca. We’ve booked a Doha city your via the airport so decided after a light snack, yes after meals on the flight we had more food, to find somewhere to try to get some shut eye.

After a bit of walking we found a sign for Quiet Rooms, sounded perfect so off we set along the concourse. If you’ve been through Doha you’ll know that like other hub airports it’s pretty damn big. We followed the signs and found the Quiet Rooms, not really what we wanted. They are segregated into men’s and women’s, apparently so the women have privacy. The screens on the men’s being clear glass while the women’s have obscure privacy screening.

After asking some airport staff, no shortage of them, wandering around in their uniforms, we were directed to a row of screened of lounge chairs just off the main concourse. They looked comfy so we settled in. Mmm whichever bright spark put them next to the children’s playground has no concept of quiet. We then discovered that on the other side of the screen is the television area, again not a quiet place. Let’s then not mention the people who came to share our quiet sanctuary. There were the young fellows who talked loudly and the couple who decided to unpack and repack their bags.

Obligatory feet photo!

Needless to say we are now seated in the general concourse where believe it or not it seems fairly peaceful. The whole airport in fact is a very calm place, quite strange given how busy it is. Well, only four hours until our city tour, then we have lounge access until our next flight. Might just have to get more food. Haha