The Epicurious Wanderers!

Day -1 & 1: Casablanca

Welcome to Morocco!

On arrival at Casablanca Airport we were met by an Intrepid representative and transferred to our hotel, but not before meeting two fellow travellers. We’d just cleared customs and collected our bags and were looking for the exit when two women standing near us turned and said, you look like intrepid travellers. Made sense as Intrepid is the name of our tour company. Both were from Melbourne but had also just met while collecting their bags, it seems travellers just recognise each other.

As we travelled into town we then discovered only one of them was doing our tour and heading to the same hotel. The other was doing a shorter tour, at our drop off we wished her well for her adventure. It being only 7am at this stage we couldn’t check in, so the much-needed shower and sleep had to wait. What’s another few hours after 40hrs of transit time?..

The three of us then set out to have a look round, I also wanted to pick up a local sim card as Telstra have no roaming arrangement in Morocco. Well let’s just say the first foray into the streets of Casablanca was mildly successful. We got lost but did manage by just turning left to rediscover ourselves. I bought a sim from a street vendor, but with no English directions on the text prompts, was unable to make sense of the setup. We then headed back to then hotel and finally at about 11am could check in. Wow, the room is huge, even has a kitchenette, but absolutely no utensils, not even a teaspoon to stir a coffee.

A shower and sleep were now in dire need. The shower part was easy but sleep, mmm maybe not, our bodies were too confused. So after a rest we headed out again, this time armed with a location to get a sim in a store and have it set up for us. This time it was easy, next mission was food. Well, it being Ramadan, this isn’t easy, all the food venues are shut until the fast is broken at sunset. We did find a bakery though and bought some pastries to take back to our hotel, it didn’t seem right to sit in a park and eat while those around us were fasting.

After that it was back to the hotel where sleep finally beckoned, 12 solid hours of it. I crashed at about 4pm local time. Now to see what today brings, breakfast soon, as I type it’s still only 5am so nothing happening yet. Yes, this is a strange post as I’m updating it and will then publish when all is ready.

And the next day dawns…

Today has been a great day, not sure our feet would agree after our 12km walk though. At breakfast we met more of our fellow travellers and decided to venture out together for the day. So armed with Google Maps the 6 of us headed out into Casablanca. First stop was a local art gallery, some great pieces here showing one mans amazing talent. A couple of pieces got my teacher brain ticking, maybe writing prompts. See them below, what do they tell you?

Next stop was a private museum featuring one couple’s history of Casablanca in artefacts and trinkets. Again an amazing collection, everything from spice jars to clothing to jewellery. Sadly, no photos of this pieces, but there sign is below to help guide you should you get to Casablanca.

Now then trek begins, when you mention Casablanca to many people a certain cafe run by an expat during the war comes to mind. It’s a much loved classic movie. So off we set to find Ricks Cafe, a leisurely 25 minute walk. And what a walk it was, Google took us via back streets and alleys through the real Casablanca. We saw markets, passed construction sights, watched them haul cable under the road, (with not a safety barrier in sight). Then we found Rick’s, the idea initially was just to have a drink, but hey it was lunch time and we managed to score a table so why not. And we’ll worth it it was too.

Yesterday finished with the official your meeting and welcome dinner. Here we met Adil, our guide for our adventures in Morocco. Or as he explained, “you know the singer Adel, well like her but with an E.” He did also explain though that the real Adil will be revealed when Ramadan ends and his mojo returns. We also met the rest of our tour group, and a very eclectic bunch we are too, but all with a love of travel. We span the globe in our origins with us eminating from Australia, Canada and the US, and our combined previous travels taking in the rest of the globe.

And today our journey proper begins as we hit the road to Rabat and then to Meknes for the night. Stay tuned folks, more to follow.

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  1. Vicki Fowler

    So happy you two are getting back to your travels. Enjoy and relax as much as you can. Xx