The Epicurious Wanderers!

Kandy to the mountains

On the way up to Nuwara Eliya by train today we heard the terrible news of the bombings in Colombo and surrounding areas.  To say it dented our enthusiasm is maybe not to express the feeling correctly.  As we read the messages people sent us to check we were ok we could sense others on the train doing the same, the mood seemed to change.  

This is a beautiful country and over the last few days we have witnessed Christian’s, Hindu’s & Muslims mingling at the various temple sites we have visited with never a sign of disrespect or annoyance at each other.  The traffic here is chaotic to say the least but we’ve witnessed no road rage and no accidents.  Why someone would choose the ruin this seemingly harmonious situation is beyond me.   We are truly saddened by the news over the news over the last few hours.

However as they say life must go on and the best way we can is to support the people of Sri Lanka is to continue our tour and support local businesses and the people they employ.

We did that today on the train and yesterday through our visits to several temples. We have no words at the moment so will let our photos talk of the last two days.