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Kidnapping Mr Heineken

I had never heard if this movie but looked at the cast and thought it’s worth a look.

Turns out it is well worth a  look.   I will not give the plot away but it is based on a true story.   Sir Anthony Hopkins is a gem as Mr Heineken and Sam Worthington proves he is well worth the title of one of Australia’s top actor exports.

Do yourself a favour have a look.

5 thoughts on “Kidnapping Mr Heineken

  1. Maryanne Ward

    Really?? I like Anthony Hopkins, but the reviews werent good. Upon your recommendation I will have a look at it.
    One that note have you seen Predestination yet? Its really good to the point that you have to watch it twice to fill in the gaps!! 🙂

    1. Helen

      Will a look when we return at both of these movies. Thanks for the recommendations.

  2. Maryanne Ward

    One we saw last night on SBS was called Cyberbully (2015) with Maisy Williams (Game of Thrones) it was pretty engaging and a big eye , probably a really good one for the classroom (Simon) let me know your thoughts if you do watch it, Adam and I actually had a discussion about that movie!!!

    1. Maryanne Ward

      Lol I just re-read my above post and relized my phone has taken over my spelling! it was supposed to read ” and a big eye opener” sorry!!!

  3. Maryanne Ward

    Just watched “Last Knight” with Morgan Freeman and Clive Owen, the villian was hard to look at (seriously) apart from that I give it a thumbs up, it has action, twists and a good plot.