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There is another 4:30!

Who knew there were two 4:30’s in a day, apparently there’s one in the morning as well as we discovered.  Today was safari day and our game drive in Yala National Park began with a 5am pickup from our accommodation at Kithala Resort.  To be sure we didn’t miss out we set multiple alarms, after all we have been know to almost miss early morning adventures as those who remember our South Africa trip will recall.

Armed with our breakfast takeaway bags we climbed onto our Jeep, well Mahindra, 4wd and off we set.  It was still dark as we arrived at the entrance to Yala, the sun began to peak through just before 6am.  We joined the queue to gain entry and then watched as other drivers shuffled their way past us trying to gain quicker entry.  Once inside it was a veritable stampede of 4wd’s, all trying to get the first sighting of whatever lay ahead.  At various sightings it was more like John Hughes Used 4wd yard than a wildlife safari.  I must say this was very different to Kruger, but still very cool, especially given it’s our 25th anniversary today, great way to spend the morning.

Our first sighting was a bear heading to a waterhole, as we watched he had a drink then picked insects from a fallen tree.  All the time a crocodile lay on the far bank, just watching the bear.

Following this was a stream of natures finest including elephants, both alone and in family groups, water buffalo, mongooses, birds, monkeys and wild pigs.  

We even managed a quick stop at the beach. We had just had to try the staged hold the rock photo’s…

Then all to soon the safari was over and it was back to the hotel, oh we did encounter several groups of cattle just wandering along the road.  Once back it was time to freshen up before venturing out for lunch, we asked Susantha for any places to look out for.  He immediately said he’d take us to a seafood place he knows, at times we would like to wander out on our own but given events of last few days he’s very protective.  Tonight apparently we have a special dinner being prepared for our anniversary.

One thought on “There is another 4:30!

  1. Neil

    Hi team Brodie
    Fantastic photos. How lucky are you to be so close to nature. Thanks Simon, I love reading your daily blog. Stay safe. Neil